Oct 8, 2013 On Our Blog

We’re Looking for Design Unicorns! Show Us How Much You **Sparkle** for a Chance at 25K

Next month, we’re hosting on of our favorite 500 conferences of the year – Warm Gun, our one-day conference about design. And this isn’t the kind of design conference where we sit around and debate which fonts make us feel the most whimsical. This is about measurable design that will make your users happier and get you more traction.   As part of Warm Gun, we’re looking for an awesome startup that’s using good design to blow away the competition. Do you competitors look like Geocities? Is your UI slicker than baby oil? Then we WANT YOU. The startup we select will get 25k in funding, become part of 500 Startups’ network of 1000+ founders, and have time on stage …

Oct 3, 2013 On Our Blog

General Solicitation 101: What Your Startup Needs to Know PUBLISHED OCTOBER 3 2013

 The following post was contributed by Greg Raiten, general counsel and sheriff at 500 Startups. He may be a lawyer, but he’s one of the good ones.   DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT YOUR ATTORNEY (OR YOUR SHERIFF) AND AM NOT PROVIDING LEGAL ADVICE, SO I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO CONSULT WITH YOUR ATTORNEY BEFORE MAKING ANY DECISIONS ABOUT FUNDRAISING. TL;DR Version     As of September 23, 2013, you can promote your fundraising publicly IF you comply with the new rules adopted by the SEC.   The new rules require you to verity the accredited status of all purchasers of your securities, among other things.   If you fundraise publicly, it may affect past and future fundraising activities as well. …

Oct 2, 2013 On Our Blog

The #500Strong Community: 1000+ Founders, 500+ Startups, and 40+ Countries

It’s been a crazy 3 years at 500. We’re approaching our 7th batch of startups at 500 HQ, have founders and employees in more than 40 countries, and passed our 500th startup not too long ago. And no, we’re not changing our name anytime soon! One thing we’re particularly proud of is the diversity of our #500Strong family. In addition to an investment team that’s 50% female, we’ve invested in tons of female founders, international entrepreneurs, and other people who have unique insights on underserved markets. Here’s a sweet infographic with an overview of the community our startups are a part of: Click here to download Tweet this infographic! As excited as we are about everything we’ve accomplished, we think …

Oct 1, 2013 On Our Blog

Startup Marketing Strategy With SEO As Its Core

This post is part of the ongoing Distribution Tuesday series. Every week the 500 Distribution Team highlights actionable resources for marketing your startup. Get even more tips by following @500Distribution on Twitter and subscribing to our email newsletter. Guest Post by 500 Mentor Tony Adam, Founder & CEO of Eventup along with an advisor to multiple LA startups. Formerly of PayPal, Yahoo!, and most recently, Myspace. This blog post was originally published here.   If you’ve ever started a brand new site, you’ll know that getting organic traffic is extremely difficult. Sure you can buy traffic through Adwords or various other media buys and/or you can use PR to get you spikes. The question I like to ask people is, do you have longevity? Developing a holistic marketing …