Jun 3, 2014 On Our Blog

2 Mixpanel Pitfalls & How to Get it Right

This post is part of our Distribution series, presenting actionable tips your startup can use today. More marketing tips @500Distribution on Twitter and via Distrosnack, our daily email of bite-sized marketing tips and awesome GIFs. Why are some users visiting, but not registering? Why are others registering, but not buying? Here at 500 Distribution, we are big fans of Mixpanel for tracking data on user behavior in your conversion funnel. We’ve helped dozens of companies through the 500 Distribution Program and our Accelerator use Mixpanel to better understand the true shape of their funnel, address drop-off points, and make more money (or just lose less of it). That said, despite its friendly demeanor, Mixpanel can has common pitfalls that can trip-up even moderately experienced users or technical ‘numbers’ people. …