Aug 28, 2014 On Our Blog

Growth Never Sleeps

Demo Day is over, the lights have dimmed. What happens when your Accelerator Batchwraps? We recently checked in with Laura Behrens Wu, founder of Shippo, on growth during and after (there’s an after??) the Accelerator Program. Shippo provides businesses with an easy and affordable shipping at bulk discounts. Shippo secures access to better rates offered by smaller courier companies that are hard to find and compare, and the company has seen traction through Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Where were you when you joined Batch 8? We were one of the earliest startups. We had exactly 3 paying customers, and that was the extent of our traction. At the end of the Accelerator program, we reached 450 active paying …

Aug 19, 2014 On Our Blog

Join the #500Strong Family – Get a Job at One of Our Companies!

Want to get on the fast track to working at an kickass startup? We’re hosting a Job Fair on Wednesday, September 3rd at our HQ in San Francisco, CA. From 4-6pm, you’ll get a chance to meet founders in our current batch of startups (Batch 10) and wow them with your awesome skills and sparkling personality. In addition to working an early stage startup, you’d get to experience everything that comes with 500’s accelerator program – working out of our awesome office space, meeting tons of people in the 500 family, attending events and fireside chats with big-name founders, and more. What kinds of candidates are our startups looking for? Pretty much anyone who can help, as long as they’re passionate …

Aug 14, 2014 On Our Blog

How Startups Can Navigate the PR Puzzle

The following post was contributed by Leta Soza, PR Engineer at AirPR. Follow her @LetaSoza. I’d like to set the record straight about 2 very important things: PR does NOT stand for Press Release Media relations isn’t the only function of this oft misunderstood industry With the proliferation of technology and democratization of information, the PR landscape has shifted dramatically. The pieces that make up the PR puzzle are growing more expansive and, to a certain extent, highly specialized. Are you familiar with all that PR can do for your startup? PR is morphing into an area of business dependent upon strategic, data-driven decision making and we all need to jump on the bandwagon if we’re to continue to tell compelling stories …

Aug 11, 2014 On Our Blog

10 Tips for Getting into Our Next Accelerator Batch

You can apply to the next accelerator class here. Initially posted August 2014, updated March 2016 by Elizabeth Yin. We’re kicking off our second batch of companies in the shiny new 500 Startups San Francisco accelerator program, otherwise known as 500 Del Norte. We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about what we’re looking for and how we select companies. We get thousands of applications for 30-50 slots 28 slots. While we’re much more concerned with quality than quantity, if you’re applying to a competitive accelerator you should understand that you will be one of many applications.  You also won’t hear back for quite a while, as we need time to process through all of them. Over the …

Aug 6, 2014 Official Announcement

500 Startups Announces Batch 10 in San Francisco

Can you believe we’re already on our 10th accelerator batch? For those of you keeping track, this is our second batch in San Francisco, and our very FIRST batch in our fancy new office. As always, our companies have all types of founders from everywhere on the globe. There are 28 companies in this group, and 11 of the 28 companies (39%) have at least one woman on the founding team. Additionally, 18 of 28 (64%) have at least one foreign‐born founder. If you’re big on geography, you’ll be happy to know that 4 of the companies are from the Bay Area, but most of the teams come from other parts of the world, including LA, NYC, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle …

Aug 6, 2014 On Our Blog

23 Campaigns Every Startup Should Run to Gain Immediate Traction

Last Updated: August 23, 2016 I come from the direct response marketing world. The world where if you don’t get to CAC < LTV VERY quickly you need to move on. In fact, that’s the reason most startups die and the reason why most direct response marketing campaigns die even faster. But, over the years as I’ve become more interested in startups, I’ve been fortunate enough to coach and mentor 30+ companies, consult for more startups, teach a pre-acceleration course at 500 Mexico and make a handful of angel investments. This contact with the startup community allowed me to explore how effective the the direct response marketing mindset is when you apply it to the ever-changing reality of the startup …

Aug 4, 2014 Podcasts

Episode 45 – Ryan Fujiu, Product Lead On Lyft’s Growth Team

We spoke with Ryan Fujiu of Lyft about mobile, leveraging communities for growth, offline marketing, customer research, user on-boarding optimization, and more! There are a lot of meaty tips in this interview, so be sure to take notes. Catch Ryan and other awesome speakers at our growth conference later this week. RSVP now: Don’t forget – you can subscribe to us (and give us a rating!) on Stitcher and iTunes, too.