Sep 25, 2014 On Our Blog

How to Track Mobile Campaigns, Get 500 Users to Talk to You, & Other Magic Tricks

I recently spoke with Vijay Ramani, CEO and co-founder of Totspot, a mom-to-mom mobile marketplace for buying and selling kids’ fashion. Totspot came in to Batch 9 with decent traction, great product market fit and an experienced team — in other words, in the awesome category of early stage companies. They walked away with new acquisition channels, actionable tracking, more users and more commerce. Here’s how they did it. Who were you pre-Accelerator? We had a product live, and were growing around 20% month over month for about 3 months running. We were in the app store and having some growth already because we’d tried a bunch of things. What was an early “aha” moment? We had early product market …

Sep 22, 2014 On Our Blog

International Marketing for Startups – 3 Steps to Improve Your Visibility

The following post was contributed by Anji Ismail, co-founder of DOZ. After a successful seed round, my cofounder Faouzi and I decided it was time to start thinking international. Beyond simply translating our site, we also had to think about localization of online marketing to our target market. We hope we can offer some insight into strategies for improving your visibility when taking your business to an international market. Here are three things you should consider. Overcome the language barrier  First thing’s first: localization of language to the target market. Even though it is said that one in four people speak English to some level of competency, you will want to make sure your site is available in the main …

Sep 17, 2014 Official Announcement

More Funding for Female Founders – Our First 500 Women Syndicate Startups

Earlier this year, we announced 500 Women, one of our first AngelList syndicates. This was an important step for us in supporting women-led companies and encouraging more women to grab a seat on the other side of the table as angel investors. Today, we’re excited to share news about the first two companies we’ve selected for the syndicate – FameBit and Wanderable. FameBit, our first 500 Women company, is a platform to hire and work with YouTube Influencers. They’re from our 8th batch of companies, and have grown by leaps and bounds since leaving the program. In July alone, FameBit hit some major milestones and produced over 1,000 videos for companies while paying out over $250,000 to YouTube Content Creators. They’re …

Sep 11, 2014 Official Announcement

We <3 Fabulous Founders: Announcing the 500 LGBT Syndicate

I’ve been at 500 Startups for nearly two years now, and one of the best things about working here is our team’s real commitment to inclusivity. At 500, we don’t just slap a poster on the wall about diversity – we know that LGBT founders, mentors, and investors are a huge part of what makes our #500Strong family so great. This past year, we even launched Rainbow Round to highlight great entrepreneurs and do more community outreach. Today, we’re excited to announce the 500 LGBT syndicate. We’re very passionate about is getting more LGBT folks on both sides of the table, and launching this syndicate will help us fund more great founders, while also encouraging people in the LGBT community to …

Sep 8, 2014 On Our Blog

Local Businesses Are Your Friends … And Customers

This Growth guest post comes from Rick Kawamura at LocBox, a company that helps local businesses grow by providing end-to-end online marketing tools and services. LocBox is a 500 Startups portfolio company. Many of us in the “startup world” lump small-to-medium sized businesses and local businesses into a singular market, ready to be automated and conquered. In reality, SMBs and local businesses make up a promising but highly diverse market of customers — not archaic competitors — that most startups haven’t even begun to tap into. In this post, we’re going to share the 24 questions we used at LocBox to begin to filter and convert high-quality leads in the lucrative, but elusive, SMB and local business owner market. The Elusive …