Nov 25, 2014 Official Announcement

500 Startups & Highway1 Team Up to Create a New Syfy Show

WHY A REALITY TV SHOW?  We want to discover the next insanely great Silicon Valley company. We also have a fair shot to tell the REAL startup story and to provide 500 and Highway1 portfolio companies with national exposure. The Bazillion Dollar Club (working title) is an adrenaline-fueled, high-stakes documentary series that dives deep inside today’s fast-paced world of Silicon Valley tech startups and introduces viewers to the geeky entrepreneurs that drive the creation of billion dollar companies. WHO ARE THE LEADING ACTORS?  The show follows Dave McClure, a relentless and foul-mouthed drill sergeant who founded software accelerator 500Startups, and Brady Forrest, the quirky but creative genius behind hardware incubator Highway1. These next-generation venture capitalists run two of the world’s top startup programs, where they finance the best and brightest tech entrepreneurs and …

Nov 20, 2014 Official Announcement

500 Road Show

500 ROAD SHOW – 2014 USA TOUR Join our 500 Startups tour! You’ll have the chance to meet with members of our investment team and learn more about building your startup. We want to meet some of the world’s most promising startups. Our evening meetups are free to attend and will be followed by a relaxed evening of drinks and mingling. Learn more about 500’s seed fund and accelerator. Have questions? Get answers here. Can’t join the tour? Learn more about 500’s accelerator program and apply online. First tour will include stops in:  12/2 – SAN FRANCISCO – RSVP  12/3 – BOSTON – RSVP  12/4 – NEW YORK CITY – RSVP 12/9 – SEATTLE – RSVP  12/10 – LOS ANGELES – RSVP Attendees will:  > Meet 500: Who’s behind 500? You’ll …

Nov 18, 2014 Official Announcement

Ground Control to Edith Yeung: Take Your Mobile Apps & Put Your Helmet On

500 Startups is proud to announce the launch of 500 Mobile Collective (aka “500 MC”), a $10M USD micro-fund focused on mobile, managed by new 500 investing partner and Dance Dance Revolution instructor Edith Yeung. Inspired by the GINORMOUS growth of the mobile internet with ~3 billion global users, 500 MC will invest in awesome mobile founders, apps, and startups all over the world. Why Collective? 500 MC isn’t just one person — it’s actually a collective of many advisors with years of experience building and managing mobile-focused products and companies. The 500 MC Collective will use their various superpowers and dark arts to help startup founders with access to mobile OEMs and carriers and help them with advice on …

Nov 14, 2014 On Our Blog

Things That Don’t Scale: Boatbound Shares 4 Surprising Ways to Turn Random Strangers into (Paying) Fans

A lot of founders or would be founders don’t have the time of day for things that “don’t scale” despite what’s been published on the subject. The most opened 500 #distrosnack emails are the ones that contain subject lines with a quant inflection. Fewer people want to hear about hitting the sidewalk. And still fewer want to actually do it. And yet, that’s exactly what some of the most successful companies at 500 and elsewhere have done. Solidarium offers their artisans (the sellers that list items in their online marketplace of handmades) a direct line to the CEO. Totspot’s founder went to Bay Area families’ homes — more than 60 of them — to sit in their living rooms and …

Nov 5, 2014 Official Announcement

500 Startups Announces Batch 11 in Mountain View

  Can you believe we’re already on our 11th accelerator batch? For those of you keeping track, this is our ninth batch in Mountain View! As always, our companies have all types of founders from everywhere on the globe. There are 30 companies in this group, and 37% of our companies have at least one woman on the founding team. Additionally, 57% of our companies have at least one foreign‐born founder.  Countries include: Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Kenya, Lebanon, Israel, Russia, Singapore…. < cue… It’s a small world world after all…..>  Follow of our companies on AngelList. If you want to join 500 in the future, you’re in luck – Batch 12 (San Francisco) applications are currently open. We’re always on …

Nov 4, 2014 Official Announcement

Join the #500Strong Family – Land a Job at One of Our Companies!

Want to get on the fast track to working at an kickass startup? We’re hosting a Job Fair on Friday, November 14th at our office in Mountain View, CA. From 2-5pm, you’ll get a chance to meet founders in our current batch of startups (Batch 11) and wow them with your awesome skills and sparkling personality. In addition to working an early stage startup, you’d get to experience everything that comes with 500’s accelerator program – working out of our awesome office space, meeting tons of people in the 500 family, attending events and fireside chats with big-name founders, and more.   “All thanks to the 500Startups Job Fair I found my current job at KangaDo. I never thought I’d be working alongside …