Sep 7, 2015 On Our Blog

500 Startups Announces New Investment Team in Turkey

500 Startups is proud to announce new Venture Partner Erhan Erdogan and Fund Advisor Erbil Karaman.  Why Turkey? With half of population under the age of 30, this young market has well educated workforce, a massive talent pool, skilled mentors, early adopters and tech-savvy thinkers. Turkey has an incredible growth of entrepreneurship where it has been backed by investments both from indigenous and foreign venture capital companies and supported by incentives from the government. Erbil, Fund Advisor of 500 Startups, said : “It is no coincidence that for more than 30,000 years Anatolia was home to the greatest civilizations existed in history. With a young, tech-savvy and entrepreneurial nation, soon we will be reading the story of 500 unicorns” Erhan Erdogan, …

Sep 3, 2015 On Our Blog

When Ecommerce Meets SMS: A Growth Case Study with Bohemian Guitars & Sonar

Today’s Growth Case Study takes a scientific look at the explosion that happens when you layer SMS marketing on top of a growing ecommerce business. Big thanks to Neeharika and Matt at Sonar, who authored this case study with their client, Bohemian Guitars.
Let’s talk about Bohemian Guitars: beautiful, resonant, unconventionally artistic guitars made of oil cans that are one of Indiegogo’s hottest campaigns right now. Born three years ago as Adam and Shaun‘s basement project, the company has become a full-scale manufacturing operation. Behind this growth is strong demand and behind the amazing sales conversion metrics is SMS.