Can you believe we’re already on our 11th accelerator batch? For those of you keeping track, this is our ninth batch in Mountain View! As always, our companies have all types of founders from everywhere on the globe. There are 30 companies in this group, and 37% of our companies have at least one woman on the founding team. Additionally, 57% of our companies have at least one foreign‐born founder.  Countries include: Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Kenya, Lebanon, Israel, Russia, Singapore…. < cue… It’s a small world world after all…..>  Follow of our companies on AngelList. If you want to join 500 in the future, you’re in luck – Batch 12 (San Francisco) applications are currently open. We’re always on the look out for great companies with traction and awesome founders.  APPLY NOW

Without further ado, here are all the companies in our latest accelerator: 

AppZen  AppZen provides the worlds first ambient solution for T&E expense compliance and audit. AppZen’s patent pending data science based technology automatically creates expense reports, provides real time compliance to IRS rules and company policies and automatically audits and assigns risk score to every expense to detect fraud and misuse. AngelList: Founders: Kunal Verma, Anant Kale From: Silicon Valley Fun Fact: Kunal loves cooking late night snacks. Anant loves to sing, where no one can hear him.
Cleanify  Cleanify is an Expedia for cleaning companies – they aggregate cleaning companies and market them to consumers online. Addressing the $100B cleaning market consisting primarily of SMB cleaning services. AngelList Founders: Justin Potter, Mandy Potter, Luis Sanchez From: Vancouver, Canada Fun Fact: Justin was a rapper in a second life. Mandy is a Drag King.
Tourlandish  Tourlandish is an on-demand mobile marketplace that helps travelers discover & book the most incredible tours, activities, events & local experiences in town for the next 24 hours at exclusive discounted prices. All it takes is 3 taps and 60 seconds. They combine Uber-like convenience with HotelTonight-esque discounted pricing offering an unparalleled experience to 60% of more than 3 billion travelers that look for local experiences at the last minute.’ AngelList FoundersSuren SultaniaVikram Jit SinghVarun Khona From: Banaglore & New York Fun Fact: They claim to be the best foosball team of founders in tech. To verify, challenge them for a duel.  
tappur  A wearable controller platform for managing devices and interactions with a simple tap of hardware that is part of your everyday wardrobe. Starting with Drumpants (as featured on Shark Tank) this team is helping to drive a new way to interact with the things and technology around you. AngelList FoundersLei YuTyler Freeman From: San Francisco Fun Fact: Tyler plays guitar in a metal band, and VJs for other bands.
Italist Italist is a marketplace for high end luxury fashion boutiques and emerging Italian brands. Through Italist, Italian boutiques, artisans, and emerging designers are able to gain distribution and sales. Consumers access luxury Italian goods they can’t easily get at home, as well as discover the next Gucci or the next Prada. AngelList Founders: Raffaele Giovine, Fulvio Marcello Zendrini, Andrea Milani From: Italy Fun Fact: Raffaele is the proud father of two and ex-professional football player.
Studypool  Studypool is an academic support community that helps students solve questions. Getting stuck on difficult problems is at the heart of learning, yet students get so frustrated that they give up and lose their passion for academic subjects. Studypool solves this issue by instantly connecting students with high quality tutors to help them with their questions. AngelList Founders: Richard WerbeJimmy Zhong From: Silicon Valley by way of Atlanta Fun Fact:  Jimmy is a semi pro skateboarder.
Doughbies  Doughbies delivers freshly baked cookies in 20 minutes or less. Everything is handmade in small batches by local bakers who care about quality and method. Whether you’re ordering for yourself for the after lunch pick-me-up, for a friend’s birthday, or to close a deal with a client, Doughbies brings them to you in minutes. AngelList FoundersDaniel ConwayMariam Khan From: San Francisco Fun Fact: Daniel was born on 8/9/89 at 8:09am
Bohoclo Bohoclo is a seasonal clothing service and lifestyle brand for gay men. Subscribers pay a $39 styling fee and receive 8-10 pieces of clothing tailored to their tastes and size with total retail value between $600 and $800. We launched this summer with 100 subscribers and will be shipping to 250 subscribers this fall. AngelList FoundersStephen ConnNatalie Pavlovsky From: California & Maryland Fun Fact:  Natalie is a karaoke pro.  
ElWafeyat  ElWafeyat is an online platform for obituaries and condolences for the Middle East. Obituaries are a huge part of Middle Eastern culture, as are sending public condolences to the deceased. Starting first with Egypt, Elwafeyat will build family trees and map the social graphs for people to instantly announce the death of a family member, reaching a much wider audience than through physical newspapers. AngelList Founders: Yousef ElSammaa, Omar Hamdalla, Nesma El-Far From: Egypt Fun Fact:  Yousef started this company while in the military.  
Vaivolta VaiVolta is a marketplace that helps construction companies to rent and manage equipment. AngelList FoundersLincoln AndoVictor Queiroz From: Sao Paulo, Brazil Fun Fact: Victor loves learning new languages. He can speak Portuguese, French and English and has studied some Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese.  
ChouxBox  To date the restaurant industry has relied on paper invoices and receipts in its back office operations.  ChouxBox is SaaS software that helps restaurant owners manage their receipts and invoices online. AngelList FoundersBenjamin KannerTony AiazziXavier Mariezcurrena From: NYC Fun Fact:  Tony is a classically trained chef by trade and produced a collection of cookbooks as a side project.  
ProSky ProSky conducts online courses to teach students technical and employable skills. As students learn these vital skills, they collaborate in teams to practice what they learn on real-time projects for actual companies! Join them and ProSky your way to your dream career! AngelList FoundersCrystal HuangAndy SioMatthew Ang From: Los Angeles Fun Fact:  Crystal was asked to audition as a host for MTV Asia and actually got an offer but had to return to the US to finish college. Matt won The Price is Right’s showcase showdown  
AstroPrint AstroPrint is the Android of 3D printing.  3D printing software is made by engineers, for engineers, and is far too complex for the general public.  AstroPrint reduces the complexity of printing an object from 130+ settings to only 3, and they do it in the cloud.  Now anyone can use any 3D printer straight from their computer, phone, or tablet. AngelList FoundersDrew TaylorJoshua WhiteDaniel Arroyo From: San Diego, CA Fun Fact:  Drew was an acupuncturist and Chinese medical professor for years.  
Socialight Socialight is Google Analytics for social media.  In the last five years, social media tools have become widely adopted by businesses — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc are all mainstream tools, but currently companies have no way to analyze how well they are using them.  Socialight helps companies understand how their social media promotions are performing relative to their peers. AngelList FoundersLindsay Silver From: New York Fun Fact: Linsay climbed Mt. Nyaragongo in the Congo while working for the UN. Jessica brews beer.  Online store owners spend hours creating their social media ads for Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Funnely is a SaaS platform that creates social media ads for ecommerce companies automagically.  With just a few clicks, an online store can have ads up and running without hours of work. AngelList Founders: Gabriel Maffia, Susana (Tuli) Cipriota, Lucila Campos, Juan Mansor From: Argentina Fun Fact: Gabriel can play (left handed) Guitar, Bass and Uke.  
  Catnip A platform for discovering and sharing snackable content. After building a user base of millions in Russia the team is now focused on establishing a US based audience. AngelList Founders: Dmitry DumikArtem Ptashnick From: United States Fun Fact: Dmitrii can cover 50 meters swimming underwater.
Cloud Academy An educational platform for learning about cloud infrastructure and gaining certification with the major players in the space (Amazon AWS, Google, Microsoft). AngelList FoundersStefano BellasioGiacomo Marinangeli From: Italy Fun Fact: Stefano built another company when he was younger and it paid for everything he did until the age of 18.  
Mountary The easiest way to order beautiful frames online in under 5 minutes. Choose your style, matting and measure to receive your beautiful frame ready to hang. Free shipping and fast turnaround guaranteed. AngelList FoundersHans GillNeil Ayton From: San Francisco Fun Fact: Hans is an Indian with a German name. Neil has 10,000 bags of Irish tea at home for fear of running out.  Test your mobile applications across a wide array of devices in the cloud. Easily check for compatability and UI issues without having to purchase and maintain your own mobile hardware. AngelList Founders: Nina Wieczorek, Marcin GasperowiczJake Buszynski From: Poland Fun Fact: Nina scored a free upgrade on over 20 flights.  
SlideBean Inc. Quickly create beautiful slide presentations using templates and other design technology that automatically transform your slides into something great. AngelList: Founders: CayaJose Enrique BolañosVinicio Chanto From: Costa Rica Fun Fact: Vincio trained in equitation, swimming, gymnastics, karate, taekwondo, tennis, golf, dancing and acting.  
99Gamers The largest marketplace for selling and buying used video games. This company is growing incredibly fast and super serving their audience who is looking for alternatives to retail players in the space who offer poor unit economics for consumers. AngelList FoundersJon KruzeniskiBrandon Kruzeniski From: Vancouver Fun Fact: Jon works hard and stays positive.  
Coinpip Providing a better remittance solution to the SE Asia region using Bitcoin. Easily send money to the area without ever having to touch (or even know you’re using) Bitcoin. AngelList FoundersAnson ZeallAlexander AngererArseniy Kucherenko From: Singapore Fun Fact: Anson loves traveling. Loves getting lost. Loves ad hoc. 🙂
Plotbox A SaaS solution to help cemeteries better manage their land, billing and personnel. Using drones they also provide digital maps for improved accuracy and other consumer applications. AngelList Founders:  Sean McAllisterLeona McAllister From: Belfast Fun Fact: Sean has a beard and feels there is a camaraderie between the bearded community.
Techpear Helping tech companies hire top interns, and entry-level students by focusing on culture fit and knowledge, not resumes. AngelList FoundersSebastian AlmnesPaal Stian Aagenæs, Eivind Grønn From: Oslo, Norway
Connected2me An anonymous web chat application like Whatsapp but with a web component in addition to mobile applications. AngelList FoundersOzan YerliYurdakul Göksu Orhun From: Turkey Fun Fact: Ozan is a very good dream interpretor.
Cardplanet Powering remittance and digital money services for Africa. Focused on healthcare remittance, bill pay and other vouchers. Delivers vouchers and mobile money through SMS message. AngelList FoundersSamuel Masinde BusoloRodgers Muhadi From: Kenya Fun Fact: Samuel appreciates the small things in life that make him smile.
Coinding Using mobile apps and gaming mechanics to drive bitcoin adoption with consumers and merchants. AngelList FoundersEmi VelazquezMauro VelazquezClaudio Adrian MarreroJuan CiulliniFabio Panettieri From: Argentina Fun Fact: Mauro is an ex pro-poker player. Current lord of pingpong at Mountain View.
eTobb Interactive Health Platform focused on connecting patients and doctors in the Arab World. AngelList FoundersPaul SaberJad JoubranSara Helou From: Lebanon Fun Fact: They have pitched to King Felipe VI of Spain.
Blinq Blinq is an Android App that brings you the latest social updates of the people you communicate with, while you communicate with them! Every time you open a new conversation touch the Blinq dot to get fresh updates from Facebook, Instagram & Twitter streamed in a layer over your conversation. AngelList: FoundersYossi GhinsbergGal Bracha From: Tel Aviv Fun Fact: Yossi can cook and plans to whip up meals for Batch 11.
HeTexted We believe situation based advice is the next wave in mobile and web.  As the first vertical of a real-time advice empire, HeTexted answers the questions women care about the most. Users tell their dating and relationship stories and get crowd sourced answers or request one on one advice. 1.9 million user sessions, and over 100,000 questions asked in the company’s first vertical. AngelList FoundersLisa WinningCarrie Henderson McDermott From: New York, NY Fun Fact: Lisa’s first pet was an adopted eel called Frank.