Malaysia's biggest coworking space


Real world customer analytics and loyalty


Sampler's Software helps brands like The Body Shop, RITZ Crackers and Garnier manage their digital product sampling strategies from end to end. We're essentially a CRM that helps brands manage their relationships with those that they distribute product samples to. This makes it easy for our clients to target more specific demographics, gather deep consumer data and plan more effective re-marketing strategies.


Indonesia's First and Largest Custom Merchandising Online Retailer


Fabelio is an asset-light furniture e-tailer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Cloud POS that makes Retail Easy


Hassle free mobile and web app for scheduling, collaboration and communication on construction projects


BREWPUBLIK is the Netflix of craft beer, delivering a customized selection of craft beers straight to your door, tailored to your specific tastes.


iGrow is a platform for helping people to do plantation with limitation of land, knowledge to plant, and skill to harvest by utilizing unused land. We connect urban people who want to do plantation to local farmer, land owner, and crops buyer.

UpCraft Club

Leading source of digital sewing and crafting patterns. Online and in stores.