500 Global Flagship Fund

Based out of San Francisco, our global flagship funds include a series of five funds that invest across regions and industries. Created in 2010, the first flagship fund was our first fund ever that helped us start the SF-based accelerator program that we are still known for to this day.

Our Goal With the Global Flagship Funds

Our global flagship funds are the original series of funds that helped start it all. Our strategy has been to operate as an active and global early stage investor. Once invested, we provide a network of mentors to founders that focus on growth marketing and digital distribution – intended to take their early traction metrics and improve them for subsequent financings and increase in valuation.

In order to generate high volume deal flow, provide structured portfolio support, and build a strong brand in the startup world, we established our Seed Accelerator program. Over the past decade, we have refined our strategies and continue to invest across the globe in the world’s most promising founders.

With our roots in Silicon Valley, we have continued to take big bets that talent exists everywhere and hope to consistently refine our strategies based on our previous successes.

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ESG Policy

Our latest global flagship fund takes a responsible approach to investment throughout its investment cycle and recognizes the potential impact of its companies on the environment, workers, communities, and society, as well as the potential impact of climate change on the companies through its ESG policy and practices.