Float's financial solutions empower people to improve their quality of life and live in the moment. Our mobile-first consumer financial technology gives users an instant and easy way to access a line of credit without a traditional credit report.


A consumer insights platform that enables creators to test their content against targeted audiences at scale


Platform for the acquisition, record, visualization and knowledge generation of pharma and bitech industrial processes data in a simple, regulated and traceable way; discovering process optimizations, economic efficiencies, lowering manufacturing quality issues and improving regulatory compliance.


Wearable software for chronic conditions


A powerful automated savings tool based on behavioral science.

Worthix Corp.

Worthix is a scientifically designed customer survey methodology capable of pinpointing what’s behind customer motivations and decisions making it possible for marketing executives to precisely act increasing sales and reducing churn.


Know Your Audience

Vizalytics Technology

Insight powered by open data - for shopkeepers and government