November 2023

Alberta Accelerator by 500

A rotating program between batches in Edmonton and Calgary, designed with the shared vision of strengthening Alberta as a global hub for tech innovation.

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Scale in the heart of Alberta’s tech innovation hub

We designed this unique program in the region for local and global entrepreneurs to land and expand in the tech innovation ecosystem of the Edmonton-Calgary Corridor. The Alberta Accelerator program focuses on growth and scaling, and is a non-investment program.

Batch 5 of the program will welcome up to 20 startups, in Edmonton, to get the opportunity to leverage our startup playbook, run rapid experiments to test the market, and learn funding best practices to scale in Alberta and beyond.

Why the Alberta Accelerator?

Bespoke programming

Discover a tailored curriculum sensitive to growing sectors in the region, including clean energy, digital health innovation, artificial intelligence, and more.

Coaching and mentorship

Work directly with resident mentors dedicated to program participants, along with visiting mentors with local and global industry expertise to run rapid experiments, hold customer discovery interviews, and test product-market-fit.

500’s global network

Join this unique program while gaining access to a global network of partners, mentors, startups, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any fees for participating in this program?

No, there are no fees for participating.

What is the language of instruction for the program?
Who are the mentors?
When is the deadline to apply?
How long does the program last?
What startups qualify for this program?
How many team members can join a team?
Who evaluates the teams?
Is this an investment program?
Am I eligible to re-apply if I have been rejected from a 500 program in the past?


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