April 2022


Fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs in Cambodia

What is ANGKOR 500?

ANGKOR 500 is an initiative designed to foster entrepreneurship in Cambodia through a series of programs. Whether you are a founder or have a great idea, these programs can help take you to the next level.

ANGKOR 500 Turn Up

ANGKOR 500 Turn Up is a one-day in-person event in Phnom Penh,ambodia designed for local and international leaders in the venture capital industry and leaders in corporations to obtain the latest business insights and innovations and to learn about exciting growth opportunities in Cambodia’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Join us at Turn Up, an international showcase of insights, talent, opportunity, and possibilities for the Cambodian tech ecosystem.


ANGKOR 500 Growth Program

ANGKOR 500 Growth Program is our first-ever market expansion program in Cambodia!

This 10-week program is designed to prepare startups based in Cambodia to scale in Southeast Asia while de-risking market expansion through our guided programming and tailored mentorship.


ANGKOR 500 Mentor Training Program

The ANGKOR 500 Mentor Training Program is a program designed to strengthen the coaching and, mentoring skills of business leaders and, subject-matter experts.

By shadowing 500 Global’s world-class mentors, participants will learn effective ways to provide support and, guidance to the next generation of startup founders and, future leaders in Cambodia.

ANGKOR 500 Ignition

ANGKOR 500 Ignition is a 16-week program designed to support promising future entrepreneurs in Cambodia to start their own tech startups.

This program is specifically developed to meet the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs by helping them find the right co-founders, validate their business ideas through experimentation, and accelerate knowledge through world-class programming and mentorship.