ANGKOR 500 Ignition

Transform your life from job seeker to entrepreneur with ANGKOR 500 Ignition.

ANGKOR 500 Ignition is a 16-week program designed to support rising tech talent in Cambodia.

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Why Become an Entrepreneur?

There are many reasons why people become entrepreneurs in Cambodia and across the world.

We’ve heard that some people wanted to initiate positive changes to lead a better life; some spotted opportunities and came up with noble solutions that transform lives and, industries and, some are passionate about improving Cambodia’s competitiveness as a country through digital transformation.

About this program

ANGKOR 500 Ignition

ANGKOR 500 Ignition is a 16-week program designed to support promising future entrepreneurs in Cambodia to start their own tech startups.

This program is specifically developed to meet the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs by helping them find the right co-founders, validate their business ideas through experimentation, and accelerate knowledge through world-class programming and mentorship. Apply by May 13, 2022 to be considered.

Program offerings

build a founding team

Build a founding team

Get to know fellow participants through the team formation portion of the program. Exchange ideas, build community and develop teams with a shared vision of the future.

world-class programming and post-program support

World-class programming and post-program support*

Learn real-life examples from successful Cambodian and global founders and obtain exclusive discounts and perks to services like Hubspot, AWS, Shopify and more. *post-program support is only available for individuals who’ve managed to form a startup with a viable business idea to develop.

Tailored mentorship

Tailored mentorship based on your needs

Receive 1:1 mentorship and guidance from experienced mentors who’ve coached some of the best startups around the world that help you develop new skills and knowledge.

Application Process

  1. Online application: Submit it by May 13, 2022 (Cambodia time)
  2. Interview: You may be invited for an interview if you’re a potential fit
  3. Decision: The ANGKOR 500 team will inform you of your application status


  • Applications Open on April 04, 2022
  • Apply by April 29, 2022 for the priority review!!
  • Applications Close on May 13, 2022
  • Program Starts on May 16, 2022
  • Program Ends on September 02, 2022