Jul 31, 2015 On Our Blog

500 Startups Announces Batch 14 in San Francisco

Heeeyyyyy yo! Can you believe we’re already on our 14th accelerator batch? For those of you keeping track, this is our fourth batch in San Francisco! As always, our companies have all types of founders from everywhere on the globe. 38% of our companies have at least one foreign‐born founder.  Countries include: Finland, Brazil, UAE, Uruguay, Serbia, Ghana, Russia, Canada, Jordan, UK, South Africa, India, France…. <cue… It’s a small world world after all…..> Follow our Batch 14 companies on AngelList. If you want to join 500 in the future, you’re in luck – Batch 15 (Mountain View) applications are currently open. We’re always on the look out for great companies with traction and awesome founders.  APPLY NOW. Announcement shared via TechCrunch. Without further ado, …

Jul 22, 2015 On Our Blog

Join the #500Strong Family – Land a Job at One of Our Companies!

Want to get on the fast track to working at an kickass startup? We’re hosting a Job Fair on Wednesday, August 5th at our HQ in San Francisco, CA. From 4-6pm, you’ll get a chance to meet founders in our current batch of startups (Batch 14) and wow them with your awesome skills and sparkling personality. In addition to working an early stage startup, you’d get to experience everything that comes with 500’s accelerator program –working out of our awesome office space, meeting tons of people in the 500 family, attending events and fireside chats with big-name founders, and more. “We had no expectation of finding anyone at the 500 job fair, but we ended up finding Anthony whose amazing …

Jun 9, 2015 Podcasts

Episode 54 – Brendon Kim & Jacopo Lenzi, Samsung Global Innovation Center

This week, 500 speaks with Brendon Kim and Jacopo Lenzi of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center. Brendon Kim has been investing in early stage start-up companies for over 18 years. He is currently Managing Director and head of the Strategic Investments Group. Jacopo Lenzi is the Head of the Strategic Acquisitions Group and leads Samsung’s efforts in acquiring software and services startups. “The mantra used to be that you didn’t want to get strategic investments until later in the lifecycle of a company,” say Brendon Kim and Jacopo Lenzi of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center. “But the lifecycle of a company is shortening. As companies get bigger and raise money faster, it makes sense to look to strategic partners earlier, rather than later.” We’ll …

Jun 8, 2015 On Our Blog

Q&A with Marlon Nichols, Investment Director at Intel Capital

Marlon Nichols (@MarlonCNichols) is Investment Director at Intel Capital (iCap) and Founding Partner at Cross Culture Ventures. At Intel Capital Marlon leads investments in women and minority led technology startups through iCap’s Diversity Fund. Premoney SF is around the corner (June 12th) and 500 caught up with speaker and Intel Capital Investment Director, Marlon Nichols.

Jun 3, 2015 On Our Blog

Q&A with David Hornik, General Partner at August Capital

David Hornik (@davidhornik) is General Partner at August Capital, a venture capital investment firm based in Menlo Park. He invests broadly in information technology companies, with a focus on enterprise application and infrastructure software and consumer facing software and services. Premoney SF is around the corner (June 12th) and 500 caught up with speaker and August Capital General Partner, David Hornik.

May 28, 2015 On Our Blog

Q&A with David Lee, Founder of Shakr

David Lee is the founder and CEO of Shakr, a service that allows small businesses and individuals to create professional-quality videos using photos and video clips. Lee is based in Seoul and I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

May 15, 2015 On Our Blog


Join our 500 Startups Transatlantic tour! We’re back on the road and want to meet YOU. Come meet members from our investment team and learn more about building your startup. We want to meet some of the world’s most promising startups. Our evening meetups are free to attend and will be followed by a relaxed evening of drinks and mingling. Learn more about 500’s seed fund and accelerator. Have questions? Get answers here. Can’t join the tour? Learn more about 500’s accelerator program and apply online. Attendees will: > Meet 500: Who’s behind 500? You’ll find out. In return we’ll want to meet you, learn more about what you’re working on, and help you out. We think it’s a good deal. …

May 7, 2015 On Our Blog

COMMERCISM Comrade Q&A: Part 2 With Shopify’s Chief Platform Officer

500 Startups has always been bullish about online commerce, despite economic fluctuations. The future of commerce is not in traditional brick & mortar stores, but in the innovative online plays from companies like ModCloth, Polyvore and Shopify.  Shopify’s Chief Platform Officer, Harley Finkelstein, will be speaking at our upcoming COMMERCISM conference, so we asked him to share some lessons he’s learned as a serial entrepreneur + his thoughts on the future of commerce. Q. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned since founding your startup or starting your career in the eCommerce space? A. Test and test and test and test. I think that persistence is really important in business, but in the ecommerce retail space, you have an opportunity to …

May 7, 2015 On Our Blog

Upcoming Events in NYC, Russia, Estonia, Croatia & Germany

In this post…. SMASH Summit – Thurs, Jul 26th, NYC Geeks on a Plane ‘Eastern Europe’  – Sept 18 – 20, Moscow, Tallin, Zagreb, & Berlin (more details below). up next… At SMASH,  we’ll cover new tactics, “hack-tics”, and strategies for Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter & more, because let’s face it – customer acquisition is hard as sh*%, and relying on your awesome product to move the needle is probably a terrible strategy.  At SMASH, you can hear case studies and lessons learned from folks like: Fred Wilson (Managing Parnter, USV), Chris Ackermann (Strategic Partnerships, Facebook), Dan Porter (Founder, OMGPOP), Dror Shimshowitz (Head of Product, YouTube), Katia Beauchamp (Co-Founder, Birchbox), Jessica Lawrence (Managing Director, NY Tech Meetup), & many more! MORE …

May 5, 2015 On Our Blog

Five Years @ 500 Startups — Oops, More Like One Thousand Startups!

After five years of busting our butts at 500 Startups, we recently invested in our 1,000th company (actually, we think it happened sometime in March). That’s over 1,000 investments in amazing startups around the world by our team of 50+ badasses who reside in 12 countries and speak 20+ languages (and spit fire sometimes while doing it). We should note that the # of companies in our portfolio is a bit of a vanity metric, and our focus is more often on results and returns (which are doing alright, thank you). Nevertheless, we believe investing in 1,000 companies is still an important milestone, and a testament to the hard work of many people striving to achieve a common goal. That …