Dec 15, 2015 On Our Blog

How To Hack Hiring, for Startups

Crystal Huang is the Co-Founder and CEO of ProSky, a high-growth startup and #500strong company. She previously led marketing for Vivint, which sold one entity to Blackstone for $2B and brought a second entity to IPO. She loves spending her free time with her family, designing, and shopping.   At ProSky, we believe that “your people are your greatest assets”! I know that sounds cliché, but the fact is that at all stages of a company, an organization’s people can make or break a company. The merger of HP and Compaq in the 90’s seemed to be the story of hope. In the end, it nearly devastated the company because the two corporations had too different of people and culture to …

Dec 11, 2015 On Our Blog

Tools to Optimize Your Holiday Ecommerce Strategy

Sharoon Thomas is an expert in business information systems. In his career as an ERP consultant, Sharoon has helped retailers of all sizes implement their omni-channel strategy. He is a co-founder and the CEO of Fulfil.IO, a platform which helps internet retailers to manage every aspects of their business. Fulfil.IO is a 500 Startups company (Accelerator Batch 15). The holiday season is officially in full swing! and there is no better time than the present for internet retailers to use social media and other tech tools to increase sales. At, we support retailers with our suite of inventory and order management tools, custom built for each business. Another new feature available now is the “Buy” button from Google, Facebook …

Nov 20, 2015 On Our Blog

Our Journey to the Front Page of Product Hunt

Jeremy Vandehey is Cofounder and CEO of, a bot that makes it easy to show appreciation in Slack, and a 500 Startups Accelerator company (Batch 15). Previously Jeremy led products at Intuit, Verizon, and several startups. In his spare time, you’ll find Jeremy making beer or music (often at the same time). Founders can check out applications for 500’s Batch 16 accelerator program. 2 weeks ago we introduced Growbot for Slack to Product Hunt and the audience @ 500 Startups demo day. It was a crazy day for both Growbot and its builders, so we wanted to bring everyone up to speed. But first what is Growbot? Growbot is a simple Slackbot that helps employees appreciate each other. It …

Nov 18, 2015 On Our Blog

We Saw 20% MoM Growth through the 500 Accelerator

Jose ‘Caya’ Cayasso is a co-founder and CEO of Slidebean, an online presentation software and 500 Startups accelerator company. Born and raised in Costa Rica, Caya is a TEDx Speaker and a cinephile. Founders can check out applications for 500’s Batch 16 here. A pivot is a change in one or more of your company’s value propositions: PRODUCT, MARKET or BUSINESS MODEL. Choosing which, when, and especially how to change the direction of your company inevitably involves a lot of gut decisions. Measuring the success of that pivot accurately is fundamental to know if the path you chose is correct. Our company, Slidebean is an online presentation software that takes your content and automatically formats it into an awesome deck, no …

Oct 27, 2015 On Our Blog

From a Hackathon Win to a Hyper-Growth Company

Today’s guest post is by Tiago Paiva, the CEO and cofounder of Talkdesk, the world’s leading cloud-based call center software solution. When he isn’t running a high-growth startup, he enjoys reading, snowboarding and playing with his dog, Buster.       It all started with a laptop. I had recently graduated with my master’s degree in computer science from the University of Lisbon. My intention was to found a startup – to create an innovative product that could change the world – but the startup scene in Portugal hadn’t taken off yet. I spent hours every day working on various entrepreneurial projects, brainstorming business ideas, listening to “This Week in Startups” and scouring the Internet for a way to break into …

Oct 20, 2015 On Our Blog

The Top 6 Micro-actions for Entrepreneurs

Photo: Jussi Ratilainen Today’s guest post is written by the co-founders of You-app, Nelli Lähteenmäki, Aleksi Hoffman & Nora Rosendahl. You-app is a Batch 14 company that empowers users to become happier, healthier versions of themselves through daily micro-actions.  Demo Day is right around the corner (October 30th). Learn more about You-app and all Batch 14 companies presenting at Demo Day here!  Entrepreneurship is the best profession. And the worst. And usually you can fit those two sentiments into one hour, any hour. For many, it’s the everyday stress and “busyness” (not the business) that wears us out over time. As an entrepreneur you often cannot drastically change your working style or pace. We might be dreaming of nailing one of the infamous …

Jun 2, 2015 On Our Blog

Big (Venture) Data: Winter Is Not Coming – It Was Just A Late Spring

With the PreMoney investor conference quickly approaching, we asked our friends at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to outline VC data and trends they’re tracking closely. Given their unique position in the market—as a lender, an investor in startups and funds, and some of the most connected folks we know in tech—we knew they’d have deep insight into what’s really happening, separating the real data from the market hype. Post by Claire Lee, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank THE BIG 10 TRENDS: FROM VALUATIONS TO LOCATIONS 1. VC’s Have Become More Discerning More than half of the early stage companies SVB’s California-based team has been tracking were founded within the last two years. A higher % of these startups are surviving and thriving. While …

Aug 28, 2013 On Our Blog

Traction and Sustainable Growth – A How-to Guide for Startups

Today’s guest post is by the co-founder of Limk, Oguz Serdar. Get even more distribution tips by following @500Distribution on Twitter and subscribing to our email newsletter.   So you’ve built a decent, functional product. You’re proud of it. You tell yourself that your growth curve should always look like a hockey stick—up and to the right.   “If you build it, they will come.” At least that’s what you thought. That might have worked for Kevin Costner’s character in Field of Dreams, but in the real world, that kind of thinking will make your startup fail. Since most startups die because they don’t get enough traction, sustainable growth should be your #1 goal.   Here’s an overview on getting …

Feb 2, 2013 On Our Blog

How to Recover and Learn from Startup Burnout

Diesel Laws is the Co-Founder & Head of User Experience at Kickfolio is a 500 Startups-funded startup that lets users run native iPhone & iPad apps in the browser, creating engaging experiences & try-before-you-buy marketing opportunities. Tune into our Demo Days livestream on Wednesday, Feb. 6th at 1pm, PST to see Kickfolio and their batchmates pitch. Imagine you’re driving a race car. You’re slowing down to take a really tight corner, and braking around the corner properly is pivotal to finishing the race in 1st place. In that moment, it’s important to gather your bearings, plan your next few turns and gradually increase speed. If you’re too cautious, you’ll leave the corner too slowly and will lose the race. If you’re too fast, you may end …