Nov 6, 2015 On Our Blog

“This 1 User Acquisition Hack” That Took Us from 150K users to 2 MILLLION in 170 Countries in 5 Months

Today’s growth case study comes from Lucas Emma at Social Tools, a company in the 500 Miami Distro program, our growth accelerator targeting post-seed, pre-A companies in the LatAm and Miami ecosystems. We started Social Tools from an abandoned garage in Córdoba, Argentina, humble beginnings for a marketing tool that’s now making life easier (we hope) for 2 million marketers in 170 countries around the world. 3 years in, SocialTools is now the leading social media marketing suite in all of Latin America, with customers in 30 different countries. But this wasn’t enough for us. Although everything was great in the cozy world of LatAm, no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t seem to break into any other markets …

Oct 14, 2015 On Our Blog

Welcome to Miami — Say Hello to 500 Miami Batch 1

500’s been in Miami since the end of September, running a growth accelerator program called 500 Miami Distro and generally getting up to lots of good — and no good, all at the same time. Miami is hot — skyscrapers and coworking spaces popping up faster than food trucks, the big money of Latin America flying in for a weekend or a lifetime, and a tech / VC scene that’s like a kid destined for (at least) the Olympic trials — but it’s all just getting started. Naturally, we had to get in on this. Today, we’d like to take you on a tour of Miami — y toda Latinamerica — by way of the companies in Batch 1 of …

Sep 3, 2015 On Our Blog

When Ecommerce Meets SMS: A Growth Case Study with Bohemian Guitars & Sonar

Today’s Growth Case Study takes a scientific look at the explosion that happens when you layer SMS marketing on top of a growing ecommerce business. Big thanks to Neeharika and Matt at Sonar, who authored this case study with their client, Bohemian Guitars.
Let’s talk about Bohemian Guitars: beautiful, resonant, unconventionally artistic guitars made of oil cans that are one of Indiegogo’s hottest campaigns right now. Born three years ago as Adam and Shaun‘s basement project, the company has become a full-scale manufacturing operation. Behind this growth is strong demand and behind the amazing sales conversion metrics is SMS.

Aug 20, 2015 On Our Blog

Announcing 500 Distro in MIAMI, BABY!

Ah, Miami. Beaches, vice, and MONEY, baby.
What other reasons do you need to launch a 500 Distro Program in this hub of hubs for the Latin Americas innovation ecosystem?
Our Miami Distro Program brings 500 staff and mentors from Silicon Valley, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, together to throw one big investor / growth marketer beach party that’s going to rock Miami for 10 straight weeks.

Aug 12, 2015 On Our Blog

5 Startup Landing Page TEARDOWNS

Landing pages can change fast and A LOT — especially startup landing pages, and especially if you’re doing growth right (aka running experiments).
ConversionXL’s Peep Laja tears down (in a cuddly way) a few of landing pages from the recent 500 Startups Batch 13. If these solid companies had this much to improve, what could YOU be doing better?

Jul 23, 2015 On Our Blog

Meet Blake Commagere, Growth Marketing Badass & Newest 500 DISTRO

Blake Commagere is a growth marketing badass. Like, big time.
Blake was one of the original “growth hackers” back before it became an official job category on tax returns.
We somehow got the impressive Mr. Commagere to join 500 Distro as a growth marketing advisor, and today he’s sitting down with me for a brief AMA that should serve as a prelude for the Commagere Greatness that’s to come.

Jul 14, 2015 On Our Blog

Zero to Million Dollar Run Rate — A Story of Growth & Hustle ft. Avanoo

Avanoo is a 500 Startups Batch 12 company that went from being a zero dollar business to hitting a million dollar run rate by the time they got to Demo Day this past June.
Today’s growth case with Avanoo’s Prosper Nwankpa looks at:

  • how Avanoo went from a 3% email open rate
  • their biggest time waster for building out sales teams
  • their early strategic mistake that almost cost them their business
  • and how they went from zero dollars in revenue to a million dollar run rate in 10 months

Jul 12, 2015 On Our Blog

Announcing Distro Dojo Malaysia

With a regional market cap of USD$1.97 trillion and counting, Southeast Asia is a big deal. Today we’re excited to announce it’s about to GROW even bigger. We’ve previously dug in with our pilot growth marketing program, “Cerebro,” our 500 TukTuks $10M regional fund, and our early investment into Southeast Asian unicorn GrabTaxi. Coming this summer, 500 Startups will launch the first ever Distro Dojo in Malaysia, with the support of the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and its MaGIC campus in Cyberjaya. Why Malaysia, Why Distro? The past couple of years have seen the ASEAN startup ecosystem continue to mature, with more companies emerging in the region — and more money to fund them. There are plenty …

Jun 25, 2015 On Our Blog

Mayvenn is Killing It Because of Community

Today’s GROWTH case study looks at how 500 portfolio company Mayvenn is leveraging one of the most untapped — but high ROI — distribution channels out there: SMS. Neeharika Bhartiya at Sonar, another 500 company, breaks down how SMS has helped Mayvenn scale reach and conversions to a customer base that’s increasingly post-email.

Apr 30, 2015 On Our Blog

Who’s 500 Distro?

Back in January, we bombastically proclaimed 2015 to be the year of DISTRO EVERYWHERE. How exactly are we doing on that? Apparently, fuzzy ideas + sharp ambitions = REAL STUFF HAPPENING. Since then, we’ve given “DistroCamp”-style workshops to 50+ startups in Hong Kong and Taipei, joined up with General Assembly to put on a video marketing panel in Los Angeles, and recently announced a $10 million DistroFund to put our money where your growth is. We’ll also be at 500’s Weapons of Mass Distribution conference on startup growth, giving on-stage talks and doing hands-on growth office hours — the event is TOMORROW. But the purpose of this post was only kind of to blatantly promote and side-mote our various DISTRO happenings. …