Apr 11, 2016 On Our Blog

4 “Crystal Ball” Analytics Tricks for Accelerating Growth

Today I’m going to share with you 4 “crystal ball” analytics tricks for accelerating growth. I learned these tricks the hard way — I was doing them wrong for 2 and half years. If you read closely, hopefully I can save you from the headaches I went through, not to mention then tens of thousands of dollars I wasted from not having my analytics dialed in. Alright, I know what you’re thinking “This lady is no oracle, how is she going to tell me how to get more customers for my business when I’ve tested a ton of channels that didn’t work.” Well, I’m going to stop you right there. Hey, believe it or not, it’s not your fault.  It’s …

Nov 17, 2015 On Our Blog

500 Growth Talks — a universe of top growth advisors, on your Slack

“Hey, what’s that thing you used to verify email sender?” “Which of you has used this b2b sales automation tool?” “What’s the best way to SMS-based referrals with this 10k list?” Today, we’re thrilled to announce 500 GROWTH TALKS, a members-only Slack for early stage startup growth. WHAT IS IT A membership-protected community connecting growth marketing mentors and startup founders over Slack. Think of Growth Talks as a growth advisory board at your fingertips. Growth Talks gives founders exclusive access to experts who’ve defined the growth category, including Sean Ellis, Andrew Chen, Aaron Batalion, and of course 500 Distro. It’s open at ZERO COST to 500 founders, but it’s application-gated. This helps us make sure participating founders are ready to …

Sep 22, 2015 On Our Blog

“Email is (Still) King in Ecommerce” & an Email Deliverability Secret Weapon

Vango (500 Startups Batch 12) is a platform that connects artists creating original works with buyers looking for something beyond your tired old CB2 (or let’s be honest, Ikea…) home decor. Today we unveil Vango’s recent wins in email remarketing and growth, under the guidance of Distro Partner Tammy Camp. Why Vango? We decided to feature Vango in today’s case study for a couple of reasons. Notably, the company has a distinctive competitive edge, distro-wise, no matter what market they decided to tackle. This is their edge: It’s something that I like to call a “Silicon Valley Tripod”.  A tripod is a stable foundation that consists of three legs that supports equipment attached to the top of it.  A Silicon Valley Tripod …