May 26, 2016 On Our Blog

The Two Biggest Challenges For Beauty/Fashion Startups

Many founders in the beauty and fashion spaces mistakenly think growing a successful company is all about having a big following. They think the first step to a million dollars in revenue is having a million followers on Instagram. That’s not the case. Some fashion entrepreneurs have garnered massive followings as a result of building a great business, rather than establishing this audience as a prerequisite. Whether you’re building a name brand or a revolutionary piece of technology, the business model and the product always come first. But getting those right is not easy. Fashion and beauty are uniquely challenging verticals—they’re all about inspiring feeling, about capturing a sense of magic, about conveying a certain charm. You’re often not competing …

Feb 26, 2015 Official Announcement

500 ROAD SHOW – 2015 TOUR

Join our 500 Startups West Coast tour! We’re back on the road and want to meet YOU. Come meet members from our investment team and learn more about building your startup. We want to meet some of the world’s most promising startups. Our evening meetups are free to attend and will be followed by a relaxed evening of drinks and mingling. Learn more about 500’s seed fund and accelerator. Have questions? Get answers here. Can’t join the tour? Learn more about 500’s accelerator program and apply online. First tour will include stops in: 3/25 – ORANGE COUNTY – RSVP 3/26 – LOS ANGELES – RSVP 4/2 – VANCOUVER – RSVP Attendees will: > Meet 500: Who’s behind 500? You’ll find …