Building an integrated approach to innovation

Through our Ecosystems team we’re partnering with corporates, governments, startups, investors, economic development organizations and NGOs to build thriving ecosystems that create economic value and drive sustainable growth and development.

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Catalyzing impact

Startups are key drivers of economic growth and innovation, bringing meaningful impact to their regions. With the right combination of programs, people and capital, together we can build a vibrant ecosystem for your region.

Our Eco6 Framework

Our Eco6 Framework identifies the six steps to building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in your region. By assessing the current state and setting a clear path towards the future, you can activate, align and manage all of the required core elements.

Startup Performance

A robust pipeline of technology-powered startups, across stages, experiencing continuous growth and exits.

Talent Pool

Skilled and experienced talent pipeline and role models, generating new employment opportunities in the region.


Sufficient funding and financing mechanisms for startups, offering founder-friendly terms and the right risk-reward 
for venture.


Mentorship, support and professional services, enabling companies to avoid common mistakes and rapidly expand.

Market Reach

Access to large venture-friendly markets. Either domestically or through regional or global connectivity.


Policy, regulation, and tax incentives and exemptions, enabling to easily establish, operate, close and exit a startup business.

Network Partners

Initiate innovation

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