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500 Startups is looking for a conference producer (Event Operations) to join our SF-based team. As part of the events division, you’ll be a huge force in the backend operations associated with our startup and investor conferences, Demo Days, and “Geeks On A Plane” world tech tours. It’s a highly detail-driven role and requires someone who is a flexible perfectionist, understands event technology platforms, gets the tech/startup scene, is a team player and is a do-er more than a scene-ster.

This position is based out of our San Francisco office.

Want a taste of the fun? Here’s footage from our Demo Day in Feb 2017:

See our recent event photos here of all our conferences: facebook.com/500startups

What We’re Looking For:
• You have a knack for marketing! You’re able to predict and implement trends and continuously source new outlets for marketing and promotion
• You are detail driven and committed to a high standard of integrity and work ethic
• You’re a team player who can work collaboratively across teams
• You are a positive individual who can balance work and life
• You are adaptable and can think on your feet in a fast paced environment
• You can manage expectations and deliver quality results in a timely manner
• You’re eager to strengthen relationships with colleagues, partners, founders and willing to go above and beyond

To Love This Position, You MUST Be Passionate About:

> Timeline Management — You’ll build extremely clear, detailed & logical timelines associated with each event, prioritizing workflow each day, building templates, & creating solid, repeatable processes and ensuring all associated deadlines are met on time

> Speaker Communications — You’ll be a point-of-contact for speaker logistics

> Vendor Management — You’ll source, negotiate with & manage vendors before, during & after events

> Volunteer Recruitment & Management — You’ll interview, select & train volunteers to assist with conferences & events

> Attendee Communications & Customer Service — You’ll communicate efficiently & effectively with “customers” (event attendees) to ensure their questions are answered and their needs are met

Constant Writing & Communication — Conducting clear, logical, and efficient email & verbal communications

> On-Site Show Production — You’ll oversee all areas of the show, including pre-event setup, registration, food & beverage service, A/V coordination, speaker/attendee/sponsor needs, etc.

> Online Event & Marketing Platform Management — Online Marketing & Event Platforms – G Suite, Eventbrite, Hubspot, WordPress, YouTube, & more to handle event registration & customer service, event website maintenance, invitations & email marketing, video archiving + more. You have a knack for marketing! You’re able to predict and implement trends and continuously source new outlets for marketing and promotion.

> Organizational Database & Systems Management — You’ll manage our event databases, ensuring all deadlines are met and all info is documented & up-to-date. You’ll also build templates and create solid, repeatable processes

> Plus other areas of operations, coordination, juggling & tomfoolery… 😉

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Past Premoney Event

  • We produce several large events per year, so there’s a lot of work (ahem, opportunity). Eighty percent of the job will involve vendor outreach, meeting deadlines, keeping up with massive amounts of email and staying hyper-organized. We have 200-500 attendees per event, plus 30-50 speakers, relying on us for organization and information per event–so we don’t have much room for error.
  • This isn’t an easy-going atmosphere, despite our t-shirts & flip-flops. We move quickly & get a lot done. This requires a tight-knit culture steeped in productivity, speed, precision & focus. Do-ers & entrepreneurs excel in this environment, but we’re not gonna lie–we’re pretty hard core.
  • To thrive here, you must be a self-starting problem solver. Sometimes instructions are crystal clear. Sometimes there are no instructions. You will need to improvise, ideate, infer & find solutions in the midst of extreme ambiguity, and often, urgency. If you crave certainty and predictability, this isn’t the place for you.
  • We’re fairly flat, so there are no conventional promotions. There are regular 1:1 reviews and bonuses over time. The sense of growth comes with the things you create. We need someone who wants to grow with 500 but also knows that growth requires serious perspiration. Like, really sweaty stuff. And sweat equity is true here – we’re looking for people who are incredibly motivated to think bigger, move faster, and do more.

Why This Job Rocks:

  • We do events & community—in Silicon Valley and GLOBALLY. You’ll spend your days working with tech’s leading giants worldwide, finding connections in new places, researching, talking, and helping to build out programs and events that actually help startups & partners all over the world.
  • 500 culture is the shizzle. We love wit, and we value risk-takers. We are all truly passionate about our company, and we care for each other as co-workers and people. We call ourselves a ‘500 family’ for a reason.
  • Startup life = Never a dull day. Each day is different, unique, challenging, exhausting, and exciting.  We’re still a startup, so you’ll never (ever) get bored or feel uninspired. We promise.
  • This position offers a competitive salary + a sweet benefits package (medical, vision, dental) & additional perks, including lunches, unlimited vacation policy, flexible schedule, cell phone reimbursement, and global travel opportunities.


About 500 Startups

  • Our team of 100+ people live in 20 countries and speak over 25 languages.
  • We have invested in over 2,000 startups that come from more than 60 countries.
  • We are headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Miami and Mexico City. We have teams in Bahrain, Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, London, Los Angeles, New York, Riyadh, Saigon, São Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Toronto, and Tokyo.

About Our Culture:

At 500 Startups, we believe having fun, moving quickly, taking risks, and learning from mistakes are the keys to building a healthy, successful company. We greatly value entrepreneurial initiative and a can-do attitude, and we always aim for the stars. Our culture is highly collaborative and distinctly community oriented. Our team comes from more than 20 countries, and we have invested in startups in over 60 countries. About half our team is female, and more than half are people of color. About half of us like guacamole; the other half thinks disco dancing is still cool. We look and act different from most other venture capitalists, and we kinda like it that way. Our founders are also diverse; we work hard to discover and invest in people who come from many different walks of life. With 10,000 square feet of open-plan office space in the heart of Mexico City, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, we are rapidly growing and looking for team members who bring passion, intelligence, and “do-er” mentality to the mix.  To learn more about 500, check out our YouTube channel, our press mentions, and our facebook.



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