“Monday you can fall apart
Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart
Thursday doesn’t even start
It’s Friday I’m in love”


Everyone in the startup community has at one point or another alluded the co-founders relationship to being married. Your co-founder is the one you spend the most time with, share an emotional rollercoaster of running startups with, and basically raise a baby (your company) with.  But behind every successful partnership is a story of how those co-founders met and fell in co-founding love. So to celebrate the biggest essence to what makes a company great, a strong founding team, we’ve started this weekly series. 500 Startups presents to you, Co-founding Love. Starting next week, every Friday we’ll feature at least one or more stories from founders talking about their relationship. They’ll share how they met, eventually tied the knot, and whatever other awesome details that will make you want to barf roses.  We hope it’ll make you smile, inspire you to find that perfect partner, or high-five the beloved co-founder you already have. We’re all about love, rainbows, teamwork, and ass-kicking here at 500. Enjoy and remember… to build a great business, you must have a great team! #500strong!