Dallas Hogensen

Head of Sales

San Francisco, CA


  • Built and hired a team from 0 – 80 within 12 month that is focused on multiple market segments for Lyft, that is doing multiple millions in revenue a month currently.
  • Built, grew and operationalized a network from 200 clients to 5000+ in 31 months, while taking revenue from 300k to $6 million annually and launching our services in multiple countries.
  • Have helped countless sales professional prepare for interviews, find jobs and work on fundamental core skills to be successful in inside b2c * b2b sales environments.


– I like to work with startups by helping founders & early sales leaders define a strategy, deploy operational efficiencies and measure each component of their go to market and sales approach. I like to show startups how to bring in a process that will work in early stages and help them accelerate their sales velocity and Identify key segments of their business that they should be pursuing. I can add a lot of value by helping teams hire for positions of growth / sales and leadership by working with them on their hiring process to find a candidate that will be able to grow with the company from 1st customer to 1mm MRR+