silicone valley


I am a serial entrepreneur and have been with three successful startups across stages (0-1 million, 1-10 million and 10-100 million).

At, I invented Brandcaster Social and created couple of multi-million dollar products and grew one product by almost 10X.

At IndiaHomes, I invented Genie ecosystem and created their product/marketing strategy. Helped grow revenue by almost 5X.

At Packback, I created their product strategy, online marketing strategy and built engineering team from scratch.

I have experience across domains (email, content, coupons, retail, e-commerce, real estate, maps, traffic & education), across product types (consumer, enterprise, mobile, social and platform) and across functions (engineering, product management & marketing).

I like to help startups by working with them on their product strategy (pricing, features, etc) and online marketing strategy (SEO, SEM, Email, Affiliate etc). I also help them with their pitch deck and fund raising process.