Jason Heck

Managing Partner

San Francisco, CA


  • Helped dozens of innovative technology companies identify, engage & hire key executives.

  • Built multiple consulting practices in campaign politics & executive search from scratch, or near scratch, into reliable (but small scale) businesses with a passionate client base.

  • Led the board of a non-profit that raised millions of dollars & built a new independent movie theater in Washington.

– I like to help startups 1) connect with movers & shakers around the valley 2) evaluate & plan around talent management 3) talk & think through organizational design issues and 4) talk with founders about leadership, strategy, scaling culture, teams & businesses.

– I’m not as deep a functional expert as executives focused in a given area, but because of the breadth of executives, founders & investors I speak with, I know a little about a lot, and a lot about the startup & talent landscape in the valley.