Shira Abel

CEO & Lead Strategist, Hunter & Bard

Los Altos, CA


– Doubled revenues and views of Aniboom’s commercial YouTube channel with no promotions for new material. All through our methodology of engagement.

– Brought AppsGeyser to critical mass and profitability through content and social. Our ROI through content and social is higher than ads.

– Branding and design for CloudEndure – which has gotten rave reviews and loads of leads for Hunter & Bard, my agency.

– I can’t list accomplishments without mentioning my gorgeous sons. So there has to be a #4. They are amazing.

Shira would like to help startups by teaching them how to go about their PR without needing a PR agency (save that cash till you are so busy you can’t do it on your own), giving them tips on marketing – messaging, branding, content, social & strategy (not ads), and working with them on behavior, business model and internal structural issues such as culture and diversity.