Silvio Sangineto

Product Designer Lead, International Speaker & Mentor

San Francisco


Silvio Sangineto is a top-notch Product Designer Lead who merges his expertise in user experience design, his entrepreneurial spirit and an educational background in computer engineering to design products used in various industries. He is obsessed with learning about human behavior and discovering human interactions with products and services. He is committed to the real meaning of user experience design, the overall experience with your company is what truly matters.

Silvio has led projects with large international companies including BNP Paribas, Toyota and Prada, as well as with startups that focus on disruptive products. Silvio took on the lead UX Design role at Cloud4wi Inc. in San Francisco, California working on products used in the automotive, healthcare and financial industries.

Additionally, Silvio is a mentor at Interaction Design Foundation ( which is an independent nonprofit initiative with the goal of raising the level of global design education to an Ivy League standard, while at the same time reducing costs to as low as possible. He is also a mentor at Talent Garden Cosenza (, a European co-working space designed to help communities to connect, collaborate and build successful stories.

Silvio has given talks at several organizational events and recently appeared on a main news channel (TG2) and newspaper (corriere della sera) in Italy regarding his professional activities. His ultimate goal at 500 Startups is to help you build a product that is robust, scalable and desirable.