san francisco, ca


First community/product marketing employee at Slide (acquired by Google). Hired and managed team of 6. Grew (defunct forum site for gaming app) from 0 to 8MM daily impressions with 1MM+ monthly active community members in <1 year. Designed email campaigns, driving five and six figures in daily sales of virtual items with behaviorally targeted messages.

As VP of Marketing at Life360, drove growth and engagement of products by A/B testing community-based features. Worked with product team to demote “panic” button in favor of emphasizing “check-in.” Under 50K users when first joined, 15MM+ users before leaving.

Launched digital customer touch points, including social channels, for @Anki following worldwide debut on stage at WWDC keynote last year. Cultivated opportunities with online influencers such as mentions by @garyvee (1MM+ followers) and YouTube video features with Rooster Teeth (125K views/week). Developed relationships with most enthusiastic users to channel loyalty towards customer reviews (an average of 4.5 stars from 83 ratings on which helped Anki get featured on Apple home page (like on Valentine’s Day 2014).

He’d like to help startups by working with them to identify their target customer and making sure all aspects of marketing (content, online, PR, social, etc.) are building/fostering an on-going relationship.