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Ader is the first marketplace helping brands sponsor eSports influencers on Twitch – the largest live streaming platform in the world. Our network reaches 25 million monthly viewers, who watch our influencers live stream for an average of 200+ hours/day. We help brands can sponsor eSports influencers of all sizes, from large professional teams to mid-size Twitch streamers with loyal audiences.

More than 50% of Twitch’s 100 million monthly viewers use AdBlock, meaning brands cannot reach them through traditional online ads. This results in a loss of revenue for Twitch influencers who make money from ads that Twitch shows on their channel (in addition to viewer donations). We help brands leverage influencer marketing to bypass AdBlock and reach gamers at scale while helping influencers unlock a new revenue source for their Twitch channels through sponsorships. 


  • Justin Warden
  • Sahil Chaturvedi
  • Aiyanna Greene

San Francisco, California, USA