Proffesional video content production using crowdsourcing

aiotra is a web platform which offers a powerful new way to get creative work done. And fast.

We connect recognized brands & artists who need video content with a community of talented video producers from Latin America. In other words, we crowdsource video content production but in very particular way.

The hidden talents will raise from aiotra by working on projects for the most prestigious brands & artists, showing their talent, gaining recognition and getting paid to do what they love.

We will offer all type of video productions: Advertising videos, Official Music Videos, Storytelling videos, Shortfilms, Web Series, Documentaries & Instructive Videos.

Brand´s are looking for new & more effective ways to produce successful video content, so in aiotra we developed a new way to get video production work done fast and cheap.


  • Nicolas Ibañez
  • Nicolas Igot
  • Fran Pasquini