Angel Sensor

Wearable sensor and open source platform for mobile health developers


Angel Sensor is the only open wearable for continuous health tracking. It enables our B2B customers skip hardware development and focus on their unique analytics and services.

Angel Sensor tracks heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature, steps, sleep quality, calories, acceleration, and orientation. It offers unrestricted, real-time API to its sensors and full control of the data. Angel ships with open source SDK. Thousands of developers have already joined us in order to re-invent daily health and wellness.

Angel Sensor provides the fast growing mobile health community the ultimate tool for measurement and analysis of physiological data in real time. It is a critical data source for a range of health disciplines: elder care, insurance, fertility tracking, stress management, employee wellness, and many more. 


  • Eugene Jorov
  • Amir Shlomovich

Tel Aviv, Israel