Apostrophe is the easiest way to get prescription medications from a board certified dermatologist. We are initially targeting the 55M Americans suffering from the social and emotional impacts of acne, before expanding into anti-aging, eczema, and other areas of dermatological care.

Here is how it works:

1. Visit www.YoDerm.com, choose a dermatologist, upload photos of your skin, and answer a series of questions about your condition.

2. Within 24 hours, your YoDerm Dermatologist will review your information and will create you a personalized treatment plan. Your prescriptions will be electronically delivered to your local pharmacy.

3. Every 2-4 months, you will return for a follow-up consultation. This allows your doctor to review your progress and change your medications as necessary.

Acne is a chronic condition, which requires long-term care and continued medication adjustments. This means recurring revenue for YoDerm (each consultation is $59). 


  • Benjamin Holber
  • Christopher Minnich
  • Ryan Hambley