Platform for the acquisition, record, visualization and knowledge generation of pharma and bitech industrial processes data in a simple, regulated and traceable way; discovering process optimizations, economic efficiencies, lowering manufacturing quality issues and improving regulatory compliance.


Bigfinite makes a SaaS platform for acquiring, visualizing, and recording regulated data from manufacturing sites. It analyzes that data in real time to detect inefficiencies and discovering the causes of those inefficiencies.

$50 billion is wasted by the Pharma industry every year due to inefficient manufacturing. The data to solve those problems exists, but is kept in silos and not easily accessed by manufacturers. 70% of the Pharma manufacturing data is never used.

Bigfinite’s platform,BigEngine, aggregates the data from those silos. It analyzes the data in realtime and provides actionable knowledge to help pharmaceutical companies to improve efficiency and quality, reduce manufacturing losses, and lower compliance risk.

BigEngine applies machine learning and advanced analytics to data gathered through IoT technologies. It requires no additional hardware installations, with drivers for all existing setups. BigFinite has patents in compliant data acquisition, storage and analysis. 


  • Josep Gubau Forne
  • Pere Merino Tarafa
  • Toni Manzano Donabeitia

San Francisco, CA, USA