Send money prepaid phones in 150 countries


Bitrefill offers one simple web service and API for sending money to prepaid phones all over the world. Our network can reach 4 Billion people, in 143 countries, on 600+ carriers.

If your service needs to pay out money to people all over the world, perhaps unbanked, our API allows you to do that, instantly, to their prepaid phones, without mucking around with banking infrastructure.

We settle payments with our customers, be it a consumer or an API-partner, in bitcoin. Bitrefill allows for a fraud proof online marketplace for a §400B prepaid top-up market.

We provide services to money transfer companies, mechanical turk type companies, digital wallet services, bitcoin exchanges and many more.

What Twilio did for SMS, what Stripe did for credit cards – we’re doing that for mobile money systems.


  • Sergej Kotliar
  • Michael Grünberger
  • Michael Gustavsson