B2C International Shipping Logistics Simplified

Consumers love saving money by buying products from cheaper overseas websites. But the problem is shipping — it’s slow and expensive. Consumers also worry about returns, resulting in lost business.

Boxc solves this problem. Overseas merchants use Boxc to offer cheap 3-5 day international shipping to US buyers, and accept returns at a US address. We achieve this by aggregating shipments, and choosing the optimal carrier for each leg of the journey. We provide merchants with a US-based ‘Ships From’ as well as ‘Return To’ address. This gives overseas sellers the ‘virtual presence’ they need to compete with local retailers. This makes buying direct from an international seller as hassle-free as buying from Amazon.

Boxc logistics services have helped merchants grow sales by up to 10X in some verticals. We have shipped 20K packages in less than 9 months during our pilot program in China. Our vision is to provide this service between any two countries.