All your trip ideas in one place. Decide and go.


Bucket, co-founded by two ex-Facebookers, helps you collect all your trip ideas in one place from any text source (online or friends), decide, and go.

You can:

* Collect trip ideas from anywhere, online (Frommer’s, Lonely Planet etc.) or from friends (Facebook or Email)

* Transform your ideas into a visual, interactive, trip guide with rating, reviews, and recommendations

* Go on your personalized adventure.

A traveler’s delight since in minutes, we aggregate all useful information including photos, ratings and reviews, and dynamically auto-map all your ideas for you.  We make it easy for you to make a decision and navigate directly there.

Also helpful for those who give recommendations on a daily basis including hotels, hostels, Airbnb hosts, weddings, event organizers, concierges, relocation, etc.


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    Julia Lam
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    John Sichi

San Francisco, CA