Beautiful Inventory and Order Management

Running a business today brings with it a lot of challenges, managing orders from multiple sales channels, inventory across different locations and getting up to date stock and customer data to you and your team.

Spreadsheets are inefficient and time consuming, while existing ERP systems are complicated and expensive.

But now, there’s a better solution, we’re introducing Cloudadmin, an inventory and order management system designed for modern business.

With Cloudadmin, you and your team can manage customer accounts and access customer information wherever you are, track your inventory across multiple locations, manage your sales through each step of the fulfilment process; make better business decisions thanks to powerful sales analytics, email invoices, print shipping documents and much much more.

We created an intelligent solution to streamline your business, save in your time and eliminating double handling errors.

Cloudadmin makes inventory and order management easy.


  • Sarah Valdespino
  • Alfredo Juarez