Learn a language while browsing Facebook!


A typical language product gives you a series of flashcards with corresponding phrases in the new language – expecting you to memorize them. This is boring, lacks context, and is ineffective. No wonder, industry standards have less than 1% course completion rates. CultureAlley makes this >10 times better by making language learning a part of one’s daily habits.

CultureAlley combines two pre-formed, addictive online habits: social media & gaming, to help people learn new languages (addictively!). We do this on Facebook, where users already spend ridiculous amounts of time playing games & talking to their friends.

Our web and Facebook apps use the Facebook newsfeed + gaming behavior to drive adoption. It progressively replaces parts of a learner’s personal newsfeed into the language they are learning.

We have grown at over a 100% MoM for the last three months.