DataCulture, Inc.

Predictive automation that powers modern logistics & commerce.


At DataCulture, we want to make softwares smarter through data driven decisions.

We’ve built a machine learning platform with API end-points for vertical specific applications.

Vélo is a predictive intelligence platform for Logistics & Supply Chain to automate critical tasks.

With Velo, all digital commerce companies now have the ability to build disruptive logistics intelligence that only Amazon had so far

Velo’s 2 components are:

1. Prism: Predictive Intelligence on Turn-Around performance, Predicted Delay on Lanes, Demand Prediction, Geo Asset Tracking (under development)
2. Pronto: Predictive API for Shipper Assignment & Capacity Planning, Coverage Optimization

Why Logistics & Supply Chain?
This vertical plays to our strength & expertise. Machine Learning is applied to event-based digital businesses like ecommerce, social media. In our experience, logistics also behaves in an event driven manner and machine learning can leverage these to build robust predictions.


  • Karthik Sridhar
  • Gurudatt Bhobe

New York City, New York