Deployment Automation & Governance Platform for Container-based Applications


DCHQ delivers enterprise discipline to Linux Containers application lifecycle management. Available in hosted and on-prem versions, DCHQ gives infrastructure operators the controls and end-to-end automation they need while still giving app developers the agility they want when moving from dev/test to production model.

DCHQ ships with enhancements to Docker Compose like cross-image environment variable bindings, extensible BASH script plug-ins that can be invoked at request time or post-provision, application clustering for high availability across multiple hosts and auto scaling.

It automates the provisioning and auto-scaling of virtual infrastructure on 12 different cloud providers – including OpenStack, CloudStack, DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, SoftLayer, AWS, Rackspace, etc.

Lastly, it eliminates “Shadow IT” by enabling granular access controls to clusters, application templates, builds, plug-ins and Docker repositories (like Docker Hub and Red Hat Registry).


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    Amjad Afanah

San Francisco, CA