The “match.com” for the logistics industry.


To better serve the industry, rather than just adding another ‘company’ to the already extensive list, we created a service provider model that matches people/companies to already established logistics and supply chain companies, brokers, and 3PLs worldwide. Our model utilizes DATA, COMMON SENSE, MARKETING and EXPERTS in their respective fields that help not only cut cost and time, but more importantly find the right solution for the client’s specific need(s). We treat each client and service/product provider as its own unique opportunity and do our best to match them with their best counterpart. As we are not a logistics or supply chain company, broker, 3PL, or any other specialized category, we can provide our clients an abundant amount of resources, and most importantly an equal playing field, that allows us to act as an unbiased solution provider for everyone involved.


  • Matt Fischer
  • Chris Nyenhuis
  • Matthew Thomas

Columbia, Missouri, USA