Issue electronic invoices for free

65 out of 100 new companies created in one year, disappear 2 years later due to mismanagement.

So we created Facturama…

Facturama is a website platform that provides support to individuals and SMEs to have a better control on their daily business through electronic invoicing management. *Mandatory since april 2014 by the Mexican IRS.

We help…

A. Not investing on an expensive electronic invoicing tool that exceeds the user needs
B. Reception, validation and storage of tax receipts
C. Single payslips production
D. Customer-accountant link and tax receipts delivery
E. Recover tax receipts from previous years

Our business model is FREEMIUM, 1 free schema and 2 annual payment schemas. Customer satisfaction is high, 85% of clients renewed their service after one year.


  • Roberto Martin del Campo
  • Humberto Ramirez Lopez