We are OTAKU Gamers!

Product, the marketplace for game item trading in Indonesia

Let me introduce myself, My name is Denis Kim, CEO of Five Jack which the owner of the e-commerce platform focusing on trading virtual game items in Indonesia called itemku.

We currently invested by 500 Startups as our latest fund last year which led by khailee ng and BonAngels(Korea investor) as our seed round back in 2014.

In 2016, Our GMV is growing monthly by 36%, purchase conversion rate by 23% and user retention rate by 31%, and CAC is dropping by 22%. ROI estimation is 18% in April 2016.

We are raising USD 2 million which we’d like to discuss with you. if you’re available. and Before that you also can see our detail decks. 


  • Denis Kim
  • Jaeyoun Doh
  • Indra Kamaludin
  • Virdienash Haqmal

Jakarta, Indonesia