Front Row Education

Adaptive Math Program for K-8


Front Row is an adaptive math program for students in Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Through the program, students can practice common core aligned math at their own pace, and their teachers can tailor instruction for each student.

Since launching in the fall of 2013, Front Row has seen average growth of over 100% per month, over 70% teacher retention, and a ton of unsolicited emails about how it has changed classrooms.

Front Row is the only math program designed to be used in the classroom, as opposed to the computer lab or after-school. Teachers who use Front Row spend about half their math class using Front Row 3-5 times a week. Front Row is truly a way to teach math in a blended way.

Teachers sign up and register students, who first take a pre-test to adjust the program to their level. Then, as they practice, the teacher gets data within seconds about what each student is doing well, and what they’re doing not well – allowing them to tailor their teaching to each child.


  • Alexandr Kurilin
  • Sidharth Kakkar