A bundle of software services for SMBs to manage their inventory, accounting, manufacturing, and purchasing.


Fulfil.IO is software that enables retailers to always know their inventory – whether selling online, offline, or through a third party like Shopify, Fulfil.IO keeps it all in sync from returns to in store pickups to multi-location stores – all sharing a single inventory.

The future of checkout is distributed. Shoppers could buy on any sales channel – website, retail store, on search results, on the phone, or a watch, on twitter or facebook. Knowing your inventory realtime could be the difference between a happy customer or a frustrated customer. Cross channel fulfillment features enable the retailer to let their customer buy online and pickup in store or buy in store and get it delivered.

The application also includes powerful purchasing, production and accounting capabilities.

Fulfil.IO is everything that a modern multi-channel retailer needs to effectively list and fulfill across the ever growing channels.


  • Sharoon Thomas
  • Rituparna Panda
  • Prakash Pandey
  • Tarun Bhardwaj

Walnut, CA