Give gifts that they deserve, together.


GiftStarter is bringing a fresh approach to the experience of giving, receiving, and fulfilling amazing gifts online – where the digital interactions are with real people delivering joy, instead of just transacting in shopping carts.

Like the Kickstarter for gifts, GiftStarter helps consumers give gifts, together. Give amazing gifts that you’re proud to give, and they’re happy to get. We’re all about bringing joy to your community.

GiftStarter’s patent-pending technology gives friends and family the ability to make partial payments to purchase as much or as little as they wish. Any product, at any time, any way, and for anyone. Once the gift is funded, we send a handmade card featuring a personal message from each Gifter and ensure the gift is shipped.

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  • Arry Yu
  • Christie Gettler Tarazon

Seattle, WA