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GoGet aims to redefine how the millions of people earn money. We are an on-demand location-based job posting platform for those seeking to earn flexible income and for those looking for trusted people in the area to help get things done. GoGet creates a safe and reliable community of people requesting and performing the errands and deliveries. Our community of flexible workers are called “GoGetters”, who are trained and screened. Businesses instantly are able to offer online delivery services without investing infrastructure and GoGetters turn every store into a drive-through by having a grab and go option. Malls \ extend consumer reach and optimise footfall during off-peak. Busy people are matched with real-time ready workforce with local knowledge at affordable cost. Our GoGetters are given opportunity to earn more and be their own boss.

We connect people to empower people in a brand new way. We believe in creating opportunities through more efficient information. 


  • Francesca Chia
  • Muaz Jema
  • Tai Fung Wei Tan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia