Wardrobe essentials. The world's best fabrics. Disruptive prices.


Grana is a fashion brand completely re‐imagined from the ground up. Our mission is to create timeless wardrobe essentials made from the world’s best fabrics at the most disruptive prices ever seen. To accomplish this, we have eliminated diva designers, cumbersome middlemen, and expensive brick‐and‐mortar stores.

We believe quality fabrics are the heart of any garment, this is why we won’t stop traveling the world until we find the very best. Once our fabrics have been selected our in-house design team curates our collection of timeless wardrobe essentials.

Our prices are the lowest you will find in respect to the fabric quality. How we achieve this is simple; we deal directly with fabric mills, cut out all middlemen, eliminate the burdensome costs of physical stores and instead ship directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong. Finally, we choose mark-up’s that are as low as we can manage.


  • Luke Grana
  • Pieter Paul Wittgen

Hong Kong