Green Way Laboratories, Inc.

Non-Toxic Green Cleaning Products


A patented (U.S. Patent #8,845,817) multi-purpose non-toxic cleaning formula sold under the trademarks “Masticlean and VERDAY”. This highly unique blend of DfE and REACH approved ingredients create a true green and powerful cleaning solution. The product outperforms many name brand toxic and so-called green cleaning products. The science behind the formula enables the product to break down the carbon chain of many common substances that are notoriously difficult to remove without the use of harsh and toxic solvents. The product is VOC-free, NSF-Certified and safe to use on skin and all surfaces. The product is sold and packaged in a variety of form factors including liquid spray, wet wipes, bulk and concentrate.

Our collidal micelles technology uses plant based ingredients derived from renewable resources like potatoes, grains, soy beans and seed oil from the earth so they are are not detrimental to the environment, to surfaces, to people’s health, pets, air and water.


  • Ted Coté
  • Laurence Gorlick, MD

Long Beach, CA