Float's financial solutions empower people to improve their quality of life and live in the moment. Our mobile-first consumer financial technology gives users an instant and easy way to access a line of credit without a traditional credit report.


Float is a mobile-first financial service that helps young consumers access, manage, and proactively build credit.
We offer thin-file consumers instant access to an affordable line of credit, direct from any smartphone, no FICO required.

Creating an account takes less than 180 seconds and is absolutely risk-free. Within seconds of connecting a bank account, a line of credit is offered between $50 and $1000, and is available for immediate use with any existing debit card.

We help consumers build resilience and pursue opportunities by enhancing the end-to-end financial experience. Float services the 63% of Millennials who are living without a credit card with a solution that is simple, accessible, and consumer-friendly. 


  • Max Klein
  • Kevin Bass
  • Mark Schulze

Los Angeles, CA, USA