The Arabic Online Music School


i3zif.com teaches you how to play musical instruments through pre-recorded video tutorials. i3zif.com is the first in Arabic, and the first to teach Arabic and Oriental instruments in English. A freemium – subscription based model.
As the first online music school in Arabic, i3zif.com is also integrating in the education sector , providing high quality music education in public school solving the need that is present in all Arabic countries : No music graduates enough to cover the number of public schools, as the culture does not encourage students to become professional musicians as a career. i3zif just launched a pilot in Jordan partnering with a Queen Rania education initiative in 15 public schools. i3zif.com plans to create a success story in Jordan and take it to the UAE and Qatar as the first two candidates.
i3zif works with some of the best musicians in the region, award winning musicians who have teaching experience and live performance experience.